Billing Services


Patient Superbill and Demographics

How do I get my information to your office?

We accept your information via scan, email, fax, and by courier services.

Patient Files and Payments

Do I need to give you my patient files? 

No. All we need is a copy of the superbill for each patient along with patient demographic and insurance information. 

Do insurance and patient checks go to your office? 

All checks will continue to be sent to your practice. All we require is a copy of the checks and patient EOB's for posting payments to the patient accounts.

Claim Submission

How often are my claims processed? 

We process claims within 24 hours of receipt.

Do we submit secondary claims?  Yes, once we receive payment from the primary insurance, we then send any remaining balances to the patient secondary insurance.  If any balance remains, we then submit to the tertiary insurance.  

Dr. (In-house) Consulting and Training

We offer assistance (training and billing consulting) in your office.  Perhaps, your staff may need help with billing, payment posting, accounts receivable or general billing questions. We offer  2 hour, 4 hour, 6 hour or 8 hour sessions to assist your staff with all aspects of successful medical billing.    

Physician Q/A and Billing Siminar

Bilcorp can schedule Q/A sessions or conduct periodic billing seminars where a single physician or group of physicians can ask questions.  Please call for additional details.

Collabortative Communication

Communication is essential between all parties involved. If there is billing concern or other billing need, Bilcorp is committed to identify these issues and provide solutions quickly.